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  • Refno: 17008570
    Rajasthan >> Jaipur
    tender for equipment and consumables.-bp instrument (digital with charger), led torch mouth mirror (stainless steel handle) wooden stick cotton (500 grams) cotton swabs (1x100) distilled water (5 ltr) acetic acid (1 ltr) la n cets for glucometer)
    Amount(approx): 5.80 Lac
    Last Date : 23 Mar 2020
    Expire before 12 days
  • Refno: 16995372
    West Bengal >> Kolkata
    supply of consumables and accessories-tissue paper roll, rectified spirit 100%, absorbent cotton roll (large), aluminium foil, eosin stain dpx (dibutylphthalate polystyrene xylene), zip pouch transparent plastic, non-absorbent cotton roll (large), rubber bands, ethanol absolute, autoclave bags, methanol, methanol, thread for autoclave, spirit lamp 50ml, spirit lamp 100ml, thread for spirit lamp (both for 50ml 100 ml lamp), plastic jar for specimen preservation,plastic jar for specimen preservation herbarium sheet press (3/2.50), anthrone reagent, resorcinol, thiourea, dinitro salicylic acid (dns), indole acetic acid, gibberellic acid-3, test tube brush, folin-ciocalteau reagent, sodium chloride (ar), sodium sulphite, paraffin wax, catechol, plastic tray, plastic bucket (large size), muslin cloth, pasteur pipette, glycine, permanent glass marker pen, brown paper (wrapping paper), cork borer, sodium iodide, sodium azide, 2,3,5 triphenyl tetrazolium chloride.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 24 Mar 2020
    Expire before 11 days
  • Refno: 16993561
    Rajasthan >> Kota
    supply of supply of e.d.t.a. (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid di sodium salt).
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 03 Apr 2020
    Expire before 1 days
  • Refno: 16898651
    Maharashtra >> Mumbai
    procurement of acetic acid, citric acid & iso propyl alcohol for mh, nh and b&s assets..
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 27 Mar 2020
    Expire before 8 days
  • Refno: 16897349
    Haryana >> Panipat
    acetic acid in tanker as per tender.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 25 Mar 2020
    Expire before 10 days

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