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  • Refno: 18166486
    Uttar Pradesh >> Lucknow
    tender for cement concrete shed, aluminum partition, drain covering, replacement of window grill, raising of wall, fixing of door, fixing of rcc cover, tile, replacement of almirah, repair of damaged wall, replacement of old curtain rod, fixing of s.s rod, replacement of rotten fittings of bathroom/toilet, making of wall to wall almirah, fixing of pabel stone, coat painting-whitewashing work, replacement of tin shed, replacement of damaged doors, flooring and other repair work, polish of doors and windows, fixing of dore mat, construction of room, construction of office, plastering work, cement concrete flooring, making of rcc self and up gradation of floor, replacement of damaged mosquito net, removal of shed, fixing of new shed, fixing of wall paper in bedroom, waterproofing work, replacement of damaged tile on fountain, painting of statue, replacement of dome on garden, enamel paint work on hut, replacement of cushion of plastic garden set, replacement of mica of crockery akmirah, repair of damaged plaster, replacement of bed with dressing table, replacement damaged fittings, shaded cabin, replacement of door, renovation of toilet/bathroom, sewer line arrangement, renovation of bathroom and kitchen and other repair work, construction of shed, fixing of vitrified tiles, roof repair work in room, construction of tin shed, replacement of frame, aluminum closer, replacement damaged aluminum door sheet and other necessary work, waterproofing work on roof, dismantling of down pipe, damaged plaster, re-plaster work, replacement door, window and other civil work, fixing of pvc w seat, flush door, construction of aluminum seat cabin, fixing of green sheet on r.o water cooler, green sheet fixing and other work, various civil maintenance work, fixing of waterproof cement paint, replacement of damaged mosquito grill, glass pans, wardrobe, various repair work, renovation work of bathroom and kitchen, fixing of iron gate, various repair work in accommodation, fixing of vitrified tiles.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 14 Oct 2020
    14 Days left
  • Refno: 18153895
    Tamil Nadu >> Sivaganga
    improvement works by providingmain entrance grill gate aluminium partition colourwashing electrical arrangements for mrt office building sivagangai- civil works.
    Amount(approx): 2.44 Lac
    Last Date : 12 Oct 2020
    12 Days left
  • Refno: 18147692
    Kerala >> Cochin
    ss lettering on gate name board aluminium partition works gate yard roofing- civil works - buildings.
    Amount(approx): 4.46 Lac
    Last Date : 01 Oct 2020
    1 Days left
  • Refno: 18141280
    West Bengal >> Kolkata
    repairing, painting, aluminium partition and allied works in lighting department within br-xv office premises in ward no.-134.
    Amount(approx): 2.46 Lac
    Last Date : 07 Oct 2020
    7 Days left
  • Refno: 18137463
    West Bengal >> Medinipur
    repairing along with aluminium partition for donning and doffing sliding window, colouring and allied s and p work of female ortho ward at 2nd floor of ridhan block for coverting it as covid-19 ward at m.m.c.il, under midnapur division, p.w.d., during 2020-21.
    Amount(approx): 2.31 Lac
    Last Date : 09 Oct 2020
    9 Days left
  • Refno: 18132561
    Gujarat >> Bhavnagar
    tender are invited from experienced contractor to carry out providing and fixing power analyzed room and extension of alluminium partition work at vartej store under rural division bhavnagar
    Amount(approx): 2.00 Lac
    Last Date : 05 Oct 2020
    5 Days left
  • Refno: 18131430
    West Bengal >> Kolkata
    emergent painting and aluminium partition work at microbiology building, isolation ward, labour room with other allied works related to covid-19 within the compound of nrsmc and h during the year 2020- 2021.(sl. no. 10)
    Amount(approx): 4.81 Lac
    Last Date : 12 Oct 2020
    12 Days left
  • Refno: 18130676
    Multi State >> Multi city
    providing false ceiling and aluminium partition at first floor of epfo tirunelveli.
    Amount(approx): 15.60 Lac
    Last Date : 30 Sep 2020
    0 Days left
  • Refno: 18122596
    Delhi >> Delhi
    alumimum partitioning for ffe repair center at afv repair shed (amwp)
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 06 Oct 2020
    6 Days left
  • Refno: 18122596
    Delhi >> Delhi
    alumimum partitioning for ffe repair center at afv repair shed (amwp)
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 06 Oct 2020
    6 Days left

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