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  • Refno: 17506763
    Rajasthan >> Ajmer
    supply of deka phan laura strips.
    Amount(approx): 1.10 Lac
    Last Date : 08 Jul 2020
    4 Days left
  • Refno: 17482320
    Rajasthan >> Ajmer
    low temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizer.
    Amount(approx): 1.84 Lac
    Last Date : 03 Jul 2020
    Expire before 1 days
  • Refno: 17448853
    Uttar Pradesh >> Lucknow
    auction of vehicle (ambulance).
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 06 Jul 2020
    2 Days left
  • Refno: 17375240
    Rajasthan >> Udaipur
    n95 mask ppe kit, three layer mask.
    Amount(approx): 2.00 Cr.
    Last Date : 04 Jul 2020
    0 Days left
  • Refno: 17368390
    Rajasthan >> Udaipur
    rnt extraction it. -magnetic beads based rna extraction kit
    Amount(approx): 3.50 Cr.
    Last Date : 04 Jul 2020
    0 Days left
  • Refno: 17367874
    Rajasthan >> Udaipur
    pcr kit for covid 19 and swin fu.- -. icmr approved covid 19 detection real time pcr kit 2. following target's detection is mandatory 1- e gene orn gene any i mandatory 2- rdrp gene mandatory 3- positive control for presence of human rna is mandatory 4- all above targets shall be multiplexed in single well 5- should also include icmr approved one step pcr master mix and all related ingredients required for the test . 6- vendor should send application specialist to validate and standardise the kit on bio rad cfx96 and cfx 96 touch model. taqman one step real time pcr kit for swhln1 (1) should be cdc/who approved and should include all the following four panels for the detection of:- (a). influenza a virus (b) swine hlnl influenza a virus' (c) swine h1nl influenza a virus subtype h1 (d) positive control for presence of human rna'
    Amount(approx): 6.00 Cr.
    Last Date : 04 Jul 2020
    0 Days left

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