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Andhra Pradesh
Godavari , Andhra Pradesh
2020-02-25T15:30 Rs. 15.40 Lac

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Supply And Installation Of Components For Innovative Products At Design Innovation Centre In Jntuk,Kakinada.-1) Smart Robotic Technology For Rescuing Baby In Bore Well A) Customized Frame-6 Feel Height ,1 ½ Feet * 1 ½ Feet B) Opposite Threading Mechanism C) Robotic Clamp Mechanism D) Dc Gear Motors-10Rpm,12 Volts-3 E) Wireless Camera F) Online Mobile Monitoring G) Electronic Circuits 2) Foldable Electric Bicycle With Geared Motor A) 26” Inch Tyres And Tubes B) Foldable Frame 26” Inch C) Motor Kit-24V,250 Watt D) Battery-12V,9 Ah-2 E) Controller Kit With Accelerator-24Volt,250 Watt F) Other Bicycle Parts 3) Motorized Coconut Dehusking Machine A) Pulley-16 Inch-1 ½ Feet-2 B) Roller-4 Inch Dia-15 Inch Length-2 C) Belt-63 Inch D) Ac Motor-1/2 Hp,230 Volt E) Bearings-20Mm Id-6 F) Opposite Gears-3 Inch Dia-3 4) Pipe Line Inspection Robot A) Wireless Camera B) Circuit Board And Setup C) 6 Wheel Robot D) Arduino Board- E) Battery-12Volt,1.3 Ah 5) Fabrication Of Maize Dehusker A) Pulley-16 Inch-1 ½ Feet-2 B) Pulley-1 ½ Inch C) Roller-Dia 1 Feet Length 15 Inches- D) Ac Motor-1/2 Hp,230 Volt E) Bearings-20Mm Id-6 F) Customized Frame - 2Feet * 3 Feet 6) Fabrication Of Solar Bird Scarer A) Ultrasonic Modem-12Volt B) Arduino Board-1 C) Frame 4 Feet* 2 Feet D) Solar Panel-12V,25 Watt E) Control Panel F) Solar Charge Control-12Volt 7) Solar Powered Smart Irrigation System( With Moisture Sensor) A) Arduino Board B) Customized Frame-2Feet* 3 Feet C) Pump-1/2 Hp Pump Motor 230 Volt D) Tank Capacity-50 Litres E) Dry Sensor F) Wet Sensor G) Circuit Boards 8) Bluetooth Operated Screw Jack A) Speech Recognitation Module B) Text Recogniation Module C) Arduino Board D) Bluetooth Module E) Dc Gear Motor-12 Volts,3000 Rpm F) Battery-12 Volts, 7 Amp G) Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton H) Circuit Boards 9) Fabrication Of Coconut Tree Sprayer A) Customized Frame -2 Feet *1 Feet B) Dc Gear Motor-12 Volts, 10 Rpm-3 C) Tank Capapcity-5 Litres D) Nozzle-3 Feet E) Sprayer Pump-12V F) Bluetooth G) Arduino-1 H) Remote Control-1 I) Electrical Circuits 10) Automatic Shoe Polisher Machine With Coin Box A) Customized Frame-2 Feet*3 Feet B) Rollers-1 Feet-4 C) Dc Gear Motors-12V-1000 Rpm-4 D) Sprayer Pump-12Volts E) Arduino-1 F) Coin Mechanism G) Electrical Circuits 11) Student Attendance Monitoring System Using Microcontroller A) Raspberry Pie B) Rf Id Tags C) Rf Id Reader D) Control System E) Gsm Module 12) Regenerative Braking System A) Customized Frame-3 Feet * 2Feet B) Ac Motor-230 Volt,1400 Rpm C) Pulley- 16 Inch-1 D) Pulley-1 ½ Inch E) Dc Gear Motor-12 Volts 100Rpm F) Pedestal Bearings 20Mm Id-4 G) Wheels-2-16 Inches H) Belt-63 Inches I) Led Lights 13) Windmill Based Water Taking From River For Agriculture A) Windmill Tower-5 Feet * 1 Feet B) Wind Rotor-4 Feet C) Shafts-20Mm-2 D) Pedestal Bearings-20Mm Id-2 E) Pump 14) Power Generation From Agri Pump Force A) Peltier Turbine-1 Feet Dia B) Customised Frame-3 Feet * 5 Feet C) Tank Capacity-25 Litres D) Motor-Ac Motor-230 Volts,1 Hp E) Dc Generator-12Volts F) Charge Controller-12V G) Battery-12V 7 Ah 15) Electricity From Road With Kinetic Energy A) Customized Frame- 3 Feet* 5 Feet B) Bearings-20Mmid-4 C) Shafts-20Mm-4 D) Fly Wheel-14 Inches-1 E) Rack And Pinion Mechanism( Rack 14 Dp Length 1 Feet), Pinion 20 Teeth 14Dp) 16) Coconut Tree Climbing And Cutting Machine A) Customized Frame -2 Feet *1 Feet B) Dc Gear Motor-12 Volts, 10 Rpm-3 C) Wireless Camera D) Cutting Wheel-6 Inches E) Mobile Monitoring F) Bluetooth G) Arduino H) Remote I) Electrical Circuits 17) Hover Logistic Carrier (Miniature Hover Bike) A) Customized Frame-3 Feet* 2 Feet B) Dc Gear Motor 24 Volt 350 Watt C) Tyres-14 Inches-2 D) Battery-12Volt-7Ah-4 E) Controller Box F) Accelerator G) Dc Gear Motor24 Volt-250 Watt 18) Fabrication Of Potato Grader And Washer A) Customized Frame-3 Feet * 5 Feet-1500 B) Rollers-30-20Mm-8000 C) Dc Motors-12V -100Rpm-10-10000 D) Sprayer Pumps-12V-4-2000 E) Chain Links-1000 F) Chain Sprockets-18 Teeth-500 19) Smart White Board Cleaner Using Mobile Application By Voice Recognition Technique A) Customized Frame- 3 Feet* 3Feet B) Rack And Pinion-Rack-14 Pitch, 4 Feet Length, Pinion- 20 Mm Dia C) Dc Gear Motor-2-12Volt,10 Rpm D) Battery-12 Volt, 7 Amp E) Arduino Board F) Bluetooth Module G) Circuit Boards

State & City

Andhra Pradesh Godavari

Last Date

06 Mar 2020

Tender Amount

15.40 Lac


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