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Baran, Rajasthan
2020-11-07T15:30 Rs. 25.58 Lac

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Mpw Lab At Mechanical Engg. Deptt. At Govt. Engineering College, Baran. -1 Steel Rule Length: 40 Inch/1000 Mm, Material: Stainless Steel Or Better Grade 4 2 Steel Tape Length: 5M, With Auto-Locking 4 3 Caliper (Set) Contents Of 1 Set: Total 9 Caliper In One Set. Size- 4 Inch, 6 Inch And 8 Inch Each For Id, Od, And Dd. 1. Spring Divider(Dd)-Fully Hardened And Tempered Joints, Washer And Divider Points. 2. Outside Spring Divider(Od)- Contacts End Fully Rounded, To Give Accurate Dimensions 3. Inside Spring Divider(Id)-Ends Fully Rounded, To Give Accurate Contact With Workpiece. 4 4 Bench Vice Base Type: Fixed, Jaw Width: 100-200Mm Body Material: Cast Ironjaw Material: Carbon Steel 4 Drop Forged, Structure Gclamp Capacity (Inch) 2" To 12" Size (Mm) 50Mm - 300Mm 6 Hacksaw Frame: Carbon Steel With Straight Handle, Blade-Length: 12 Inch Minimum With 24Tpi, Plastic Or Wooden Handle. 4 7 Tenon Saw 300 Mm Blade: 12-14Tpi, Length: 14- 16Inch 4 Chisel Wood Material: Stainless Steel With Engineering College Baran 5 G Clamp 4 8 Chisel Wood Carving Chisel Set, 12 Inch Approx Material: Stainless Steel With Wooden/Plastic Handle, Overall Length: 12Inch Approx 4 9 Gimlet Ck Tools T4835 Bradawl, Round, 6Mm, 100Mm Size: 6Mm × 100Mm, Nickel Plated Steel Blade. Shatterproof Ball Ended Acetate Handle For Comfort And Safety. Weight 100 Gm Appx. 4 10 Cross Pein Hammer Tools Cross Pein Hammer With Wooden Handle, 310 G (Brown) Weight: 200Gm And 500Gm, With Wooden/Plastic Handle 4 11 Claw Hammer 560G Steel Shaft Claw Hammer, 51-158 Head Material: Stainless Steel, Face Diameter: 10-15Mm, Weight: 200-500Gm 4 12 Round Mallet Material: Wooden Head With Wooden Handle, Overall Length: 15Inch, Head Weight: 700Gm 4 13 Wheel Brace Size: (17Mm × 19Mm, 18Mm × 21Mm) 4 14 Face Shield Helmet Weight =< 500Gm, Sheild: Transparent, Size: Medium 4 15 Ground Clamp Gronud Clamping For Welding Purpose. 600 Amp Brass Or Better Grade 4 16 Chipping Hammer Weight: 400Gm (Appx.) 17 Wire Brush(Set) Contents: 3 Brushes In Each Set. Bristle Material: Carbon Steel, Bristle Length: 1 - 2Inch, Bristle Stiffness: Hard, Brush Size: 16 - 20Inch Total 3 Pieces In Set: Includes: (1) Nylon Wire Brush, (2) Brass Wire Brush, (3) Stainless Steel Wire Brush. Nylon Bristles Brush For Removing Dirt And Dust Remained In An Opening. Brass Bristles Brush For Cleaning A Gas Range Stove Clogged With Dirt. Stainless Steel Bristles Brush For Removing Rust. Angled Head Reaches Hard To Reach Corners And Cleans Hard To Clean Surfaces. 4 18 Welding Rod, Welding Rod 350Mmx3.15Mm (20Pcs) Welding Rod 350Mmx3.15Mm(20Pcs) 20 19 Welding Appron Material: Leather, Size: Free Size (Non-Disposable)/Standard Free Size (Non-Disposable), Color: Yellow, Adjustable 5 20 Arc Welding Machine Usage: Weld Steel, Phase: 3Phase, Current: 70 - 400 Ampere, Motor: Dc, Voltage: 380/220V, Inverter Based 3 Supplied With Complete Welding Helmet, Hand Screen, Black Glass, White Glass, Cable Clamp ,Welding Holder Chipping Hammer ,Wire Brush ,Gas Welding Trolley With Movable 2 In 1, ,Oxygen Cylinder 7 Cubic With Regulator, D. A. Cylinder 7 Cubic With Regulator ,Cutting Torch ,Welding Torch, Hand 21 Gas Welding Machine Screen, Flame Nipple (Any Size), Welding Goggles , Apron (Leather) ,Filler Wire M.S.,Flux ,Electrode , Welding Cable 20 Meters , Hand Gloves , M. S. Plate (4Mm) 2X2feet Size. S. Plate (8Mm) 2X2feet Size, Acetylene Horse Pipe- 12 Meters, Oxygen Horse Pipe- 12 Meters, Supplied With Measurement Device Having Big Size Display, Meter Should Be Phone Size Design With Voltage Alert Alarm With Flashlight. Capable For Measure The Freq And Voltage. Instruction Manuals To Be Provided For All 2 22 Soldering Machine Material Type: Wire, Electrode. Material Melting Temperature: 200 - 480 Deg Centigrade, Power: 60W, 100W 5 Automatic Grade, Material: Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Finish Coated, Surface Galvanized, Frequency 50 - 60 Hz, Voltage 220-400 V, Single Or Three Phase Lathe Machine V- Belt Type 6Ft Length Of Bed 6' Height Of Centre 200 Mm Width Of Bed 240 Mm 23 Brazing Machine 2 Bed Type 2V-2Flat Swing Over Bed 400 Mm Swing Over Slide 190 Mm Spindle Nose Mt-5 Spindle Bore 40 Mm Spindle Speed No 8 Spindle Speed Range 60-650 Metric Thread No 0.5-7 Lead Screw 4Tpi Admit Between Centre 1200 Mm Vendor Should Be Supply Along With Necessary Attachment And Accessories, Instruction Manuals To Be Provided For All Equipment/Machine Tool And The Experiments To Be Conducted. All Machine(S)/Components Will Be Fixed On The Floor Through Fasteners Or Required Accesories(Hardware/Software). All Installation Work Will Be Done By Vendor/ Oem. All Geard Lathe Machine 6 Ft Height Of Centre 200 Swing Over Bed 400 Swing Over Slide 190 A.B.C 1000Mm Width Of Bed 242 Bore 40 Nose Threaded Speed-8 R.P.M 46 To 1000 Cross Slide 180 Top Slide 125 Lead Screw Tpi 4 Tail Stock Sleeve Mt 3 Power Required 1.5 Thread Per Inch 4 To 60 Thread Per Mm 0.5 To 7.5 Processing Time: Approx. 3 24 Simple Lathe Machine 2 Hours (Total) Measuring Length Measuring Tools Angle Measuring Tools Basic Terms Of Length Inspection Technology Course Objectives Gagging Flatness Inspection Profile Gages Size Gages Go/No-Go Gages Course Objectives Surface Quality Inspection Definitions Geometric Deviations Surface Parameters Surface Quality Inspection Procedures Course Objectives 26 Tapping Machine Material: Steel, Functions: Tapping And Threading, Automatic Grade: Semiautomatic, Layout: Vertical, Horizontal And Angular, Voltage: 220V Ac Single Phase, Spindle Speed: 50-480 Rpm, Tapping Capacity: M3 To M24, Power: 500W 2 25 Gear Lathe Machine 3 27 Shield And Goggles Lens Type: Zero Power, Frame Type: Elastic Band, Color: Transparent, Size: Unisex; Hand Gloves For Welding Purpose Made Of Leather Or Better. Googles With Ultra Violet Protection. 5 28 Anvil Weight Capacity: 25-200Kg, Material: Cast Iron 4 29 Tongs 14", 16", 19" And 25" Standard Flask Tongs 4 30 Bend Snap 9 Inch Or More. Steel Or Better Grade. 4 31 Groovers Groover: 1/2"-2" Deep, 1/8"-1" Wide (Groover Bit Size), Adjustable/Variable With Size. 4 32 Half Moon Stake Weight: 1-2Kg, Size (Minimum): Head Dia- 2"-2.5", Shank- 1.25" 4 33 Hatcket Stake Weight: 1-4Kg, Minimum Size: Blade Length-4"-10", Shank1.25" 4 34 Shovels 225 X 120 X 430 Mm (Approx.) Hand Shovel 4 35 Trowels Round Nose Taper Trowel 130 X 40Mm (Approx.) 4 36 Lifter Material: Steel, One End Bent At Right Angle, Overall Length: 150- 200Mm 4 37 Hand Riddel Sieves Size: 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch And 1/2 Inch; Overall Dia: 30- 50Cm, Height: 5-10Cm 4 38 Vent Wire Steel Point With Wooden Handle, Overall Length: 10"-20" 4 39 Draw Spike 1.5-3Mm Dia With Standard Length 4 40 Rammer Size: 8 Inch X 8 Inch (Area Aprrox.) 4 41 Swab Soft Hair Brush At One End With Rubber Buld At The Other End With Standard Overall Size 4 42 Open Piece Wood Pattern(Box) Right Circular Cone: 3"Dia, 5"Height 2 43 Open Piece Iron Pattern(Box) Right Circular Cone: 3"Dia, 5"Height 2 44 Multi Piece Wood Pattern (Box) Sphere: 4"Dia(Split In Two Semispheres) 2 45 Multi Piece Iron Pattern (Box) Sphere: 4"Dia(Split In Two Semispheres) 2

State & City

Rajasthan Baran

Last Date

17 Nov 2020

Tender Amount

25.58 Lac


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