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  • Refno: 18341584
    West Bengal >> Darjeeling
    procurement of stationery items.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 02 Nov 2020
    10 Days left
  • Refno: 18341575
    Karnataka >> Belagavi
    801395/e8 work services for provision and re-construction of living-in accomodation at ats belgavi.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 14 Dec 2020
    52 Days left
  • Refno: 18341548
    Uttar Pradesh >> Meerut
    repair/maintenance of external electric system at idas premises under ge(u) meerut cantt.
    Amount(approx): 10.00 Lac
    Last Date : 12 Nov 2020
    20 Days left
  • Refno: 18341437
    West Bengal >> Jalpaiguri
    provision of amn dump near bldg no. t-333 including certain revenue works in hasimara under ge(s) binnaguri.
    Amount(approx): 34.00 Lac
    Last Date : 29 Oct 2020
    6 Days left
  • Refno: 18341391
    Punjab >> Ludhiana
    periodical services repairs to roofing rolling shutters and various miscellaneous bldg work to certain buildings in tech area at af station halwara.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 10 Nov 2020
    18 Days left
  • Refno: 18341293
    Gujarat >> Vadodara
    repair/ maintenance of diesel generator and its associated works at harni camp and harni airfield at af stn baroda.
    Amount(approx): 14.00 Lac
    Last Date : 17 Nov 2020
    25 Days left
  • Refno: 18341259
    Haryana >> Hisar
    addn / alteration including repair in old type jocs / or accommodation at joginder vihar at hisar mil stn under ge (west) hisar.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 16 Nov 2020
    24 Days left
  • Refno: 18341179
    Gujarat >> Gandhinagar
    comprehensive maint/ repair of cooling appliances at af stn vsn, sector-09, sector-17 gandhinagar and comn flt under ge af chiloda.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 07 Nov 2020
    15 Days left
  • Refno: 18341066
    Gujarat >> Kutch
    camouflage painting to certain bldg and concrete surface in technical area at af stn naliya.
    Amount(approx): 25.00 Lac
    Last Date : 09 Nov 2020
    17 Days left
  • Refno: 18341064
    Uttar Pradesh >> Lucknow
    lifting /lowering of submersible pump sets including repairs to submersible and centrifugal pump set installed in electromechanical installation at.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 31 Oct 2020
    8 Days left
  • Refno: 18341016
    Assam >> Dhemaji
    repair and servicing of veh ba no 11c-091311e mahindra bolero at ge 872 ews.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 07 Nov 2020
    15 Days left
  • Refno: 18340878
    Uttar Pradesh >> Kanpur
    term contract for artificer works in cod inside under age br i of ge i kanpur.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 05 Nov 2020
    13 Days left
  • Refno: 18340853
    Karnataka >> Bangalore
    outsourcing of resources of electric/water supply installation of diesel generator sets at chaf bangalore.
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 09 Nov 2020
    17 Days left
  • Refno: 18340654
    Rajasthan >> Jodhpur
    day to day maint complaints of em works and maint of em fitting and fixture in konark bhawan brigade area hq josa konark hut under age em a central army area jodhpur(8992/e8)
    Amount(approx): Ref. Doc.
    Last Date : 11 Nov 2020
    19 Days left
  • Refno: 18340581
    Rajasthan >> Jodhpur
    repair/ rewinding/ servicing of electric motors/ pump/ repair/ replacement of electric panel and allied works of water supply installation at af stn jodhpur under age e/m, ge (af) no 2 jodhpur.
    Amount(approx): 20.00 Lac
    Last Date : 07 Nov 2020
    15 Days left


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